Organic Ink: Volume 5

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Author Interview with Austin Worley

Originally posted on Dragon Soul Press:
Dragon Soul Press sat down to interview Austin Worley, an author in the Murder and Mayhem and Organic Ink: Volume 5 anthologies. 1. What inspired you to start writing?  My biggest inspiration to start writing was my 12th Grade Creative Writing teacher, Ms. Sullivan. Before her class, I had never…

Unsheathed: An Epic Fantasy Collection is now on Audible!

Yesterday, I got some really unexpected news: Hydra Publications has released Unsheathed: An Epic Fantasy Collection on Audible. This means my fantasy novelette “Hanging at Crosbhothar” will be my first ever story available as an audiobook! This is a huge surprise, because Unsheathed came out way back in March of 2018. The anthology has surprisingly …

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Update: July 2022

July has been a really eventful month in an even more eventful year. On the writing front, my focus has been entirely on character development for the military sci-fi romance novel, which has the working title A League of Honor. My leads–investigative reporter Gianna Venizelos and destroyer captain Commander William Reeves–finally have firm physical descriptions, …

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